Warm Up Floor Heating and Why You Need It in Your Home

8 Reasons to Warm Up to In-Floor Heating

Heating systems for homes go back centuries and were initially used in ancient Rome. Over the centuries, technology has undergone many changes and countless improvements. Today’s homeowners are probably most familiar with electric heating mats designed to warm up a cool floor in a bathroom or hallway, for example. However, underfloor heating can do much more than just heat the floor.

It’s warm everywhere

It’s warm everywhere

When it comes to maintaining a given temperature, standard forced-air heating systems are not the best option. Because of the cyclic operation, with periodic starts and stops, the air circulation system makes temperature fluctuations the norm. And also, the heated air rises upwards. Therefore, in the room, the air heated by any heating device immediately rises to the ceiling. In contrast to floor heating, which concentrates the heat at the bottom of the room, where it can be felt immediately. By transmitting thermal radiation into space, floor heaters provide uniform heat over the entire heating area.

You can heat other rooms

You can also use underfloor heating to heat other rooms that lack comfort. Such as:

  • Toilet
  • Bathroom
  • Storeroom
  • Basement
  • And others…

And thus simply increase the comfort zone in your home. Cats love to sleep on warm floors. Meow. 🙂 And not only cats but dogs and other pets.

Great efficiency

Methods of heating with forced air circulation are very common. And people generally complain about the cost and comfort of heating without realizing that it is forced-air heating that is being criticized. There are many reasons why forced-air heating brings higher bills. But in general, it is because the systems are built with ducts, and the ducts are not airtight. It is because of the lack of ductwork that underfloor heating is 25 percent more efficient. This is where the significant difference lies because climate control consumes 50 to 70 percent of the energy used to heat the average home.

Silence is golden

The baseboards are snapping. The radiators make hissing noises. And when the ventilation system goes from “off” to “on,” it’s comparable to the roar of an airplane as it takes off. Silence is expensive in today’s world. Therefore, when buying appliances, such as washing machines, we are looking for the quietest models. Once upon a time, homeowners didn’t have high expectations for heating systems, but things are changing. And while homeowners value comfort and heating efficiency, many values its quietness more. Underfloor heating doesn’t just make less noise – it runs quietly.

Inconspicuous components

Inconspicuous components

By and large, underfloor heating systems are not noticeable. And not only are they silent, but they are not ideally visible. This is the new way of looking at things. Typically, common heating systems have components that are radiators, vents, or baseboards. Underfloor heating does not intrude into the living space at all. Its components are hidden under the floor, and you can plan your space however you want. You don’t have to plan furniture placement around unsightly heating system components.

Fresh air for breathing

Fresh air for breathing

Over time, quite a large number of contaminants concentrate in the air ducts. These include dust, which causes allergies, and various kinds of bacteria and microorganisms that cause diseases. When ventilation systems are active, these contaminants mix with water vapor and become airborne, entering directly into the living areas of your home. For those who care about their health and the health of others, underfloor heating is a breath of fresh air. Because this technology does not require the installation of ducts, it does not contribute to the deterioration of indoor air quality. If you typically spend the winter in your home while suffering from discomfort with an irritated throat and red eyes, you can rest assured that underfloor heating is tantamount to relief.

Instant sense of comfort

The efficiency of an underfloor heating system depends largely on the quality of the radiating elements, with different manufacturers favoring different materials. The installation of underfloor heating, as a rule, takes place in the concrete flooring. But there are also heating systems that are installed under laminate flooring and other coatings. The temperature level of the floor heating is regulated by a thermostat that controls your floor heating. The temperature adjustment is gradual, so you have to take this fact into account. But you can set a temperature that you are more comfortable with.

Instant sense of comfort

Making the Installation of Radiant Heat Easy

Let me tell you right away, the installation of underfloor heating is not exactly a simple matter, as it is sometimes written on the Internet. To install water-heated floors, you have to be at least a builder and have experience installing such floors. To install electric underfloor heating, you have to know how to work with electricity. And even if you have experience as an electrician, you need to have the skills to install electric floors. Not every electrician knows how to install underfloor heating, you need to understand the technology itself. Alternatively, you can find a lot of information on the Internet, and try to install the floors yourself. But here, too, I would advise you to contact people who have experience installing underfloor heating.

Final thoughts

Underfloor heating is healthy, economical, not time consuming to install. But in order to install the floor heating it is necessary to have experience and qualification. But once installed the floor heating, you will not be disappointed, and they will warm you for a long time and effectively.

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